LivPsych presents… “Racism and Mental Health: How to be an anti-racist mental health researcher”


In June 2020, we held our first webinar “Racism in Mental Health”, in which our three speakers revealed the ways and extent to which institutional racism is embedded in mental health practice across the world. From what was said, it is clear that the issues at hand remain vast, and that much needs to be done to take steps towards equality (to view the recordings and slides from the event, click here).

The conversations specifically raised a plethora of issues which exist within mental health research, the body of work and evidence which informs and underpins all of practice. This research then feeds back into the system of practice and further inquiry, perpetuating a seemingly unbreakable cycle. To penetrate deeply entrenched racism within mental health, it is clear that tackling racism within research is paramount.

For this new, series of events, entitled “How to become an anti-racist mental health researcher”, LivPsych has teamed up with The McPin Foundation and The Mental Elf to bring you a talk a month, focussing on tackling racism in mental health research.

Taking place live on Zoom, the series will culminate in a large-scale discussion in June 2021, one year on from our initial event, to discuss progress and directions for the future. We hope that the series will not only serve as primarily informative, but also as an open space to ask questions, challenge our ideas and collaborate on creating achievable and sustainable goals.

As part of the series, we are also encouraging participants to engage with our open reading list of resources, as well as an online notice board on Padlet (which is embedded at the bottom of this page), for you to share your ideas about what individuals, leaders and organisations can do to reform and decolonise mental health research.

To view the recordings from previous webinars, and to view and book tickets for forthcoming sessions, see below…

“Decolonising Psychiatric Research: An Agenda for Change” – Professor Suman Fernando (Tuesday 19th January 2021)

View the livestream from the event now:

For our first talk, we welcomed back Professor Suman Fernando with his talk “Decolonising Psychiatric Research: An Agenda for Change”. Reflections were provided by PhD student Humma Andleeb and writer and academic Grace Lucas.

You can download Professor Fernando’s presentation slides below:

Decolonising Psychiatric Research: Part 2 – Professor Frank Keating and Rianna Walcott (Tuesday 9th February 2021)

View the livestream from the event now:

After an intriguing start, we welcomed Professor Frank Keating, a Professor of Social Work and Mental Health in the Department of Social Work at Royal Holloway University of London, and Rianna Walcott, a LAHP-funded PhD candidate at Kings College London and co-editor of an anthology about BAME mental health, The Colour of Madness (

They were joined by Jacob Diggle, Head of Strategy & Insight from the charity Mind who provided a response from their organisation to what was said.

You can download Professor Fernando’s presentation slides below:

Survivor Research Perspectives: Unmasking the Black-White Mirror to Save Black Lives in the Mental Health System – Colin King, Doreen Joseph (Tuesday 9th March 2021, 5.30pm)

For the third talk of the series, we welcome speakers Colin King and Doreen Joseph, both proponents of survivor research, the field of research reclaimed by people with lived experience of mental illness.

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Further events to come…

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